Vejano, one can see the Rocca of Santacroce in the historical centre, with its unusual triangular structure and walls fitted with bulwarks;

Bracciano, famous for the Lake Bracciano and the imposing Castle of Odescalchi which is well worth a visit;

Barbarano Romano, with its numerous Etrusan villages and necropolises;

Bassano Romano, known especially because of the beautiful baronial palace that belongs to the Odescalchi family and the Monastery of San Vincenzo;

Capranica, immersed in beautiful woods and the historical town with its narrow streets and intersting churches;

Sutri, a town of ancient origins, one can still see the rock tombs dating back to the VI century BC;

Nepi, the town is dominated by the bulk of the Borgia Castle and the Catacombs of Santa Sevinilla are worth visiting;

Santa Severa, well known beach to the North of Rome which also has another Odescalchi Castle on the seafront;

Canale Monterano, has a Natural Reserve close to the renowned.
SPA of STIGLIANO, already known in the Etruscan era and today has been completely renovated to modern needs;

Tolfa, constructed on a rock with its medieval and baroc houses;

Civitavecchia, with its important Port originally ordered to be built by the Emperor Traiano in the year 106;

Viterbo, the beautiful and celebrated “City of the Popes” rich in history, art, culture and architecture;

Roma, the ETERNAL CITY, housing the Vatican City, famous all over the world for its antiquity, art, squares, fountains and churches.