Vejano (VITERBO) 01010 - Via Braccianese Claudia Km. 39 - Località Prataline
Phone +39 0761 46.38.20 - Mob. 335 61.58.334 - 333 60.666.00

Come off at the sign ORTE-VITERBO and take the VITERBO road.
Take the CASSIA going towards ROMA...continue through VETRALLA, CURA etc
Before getting to CAPRANICA you will see a sign for VEJANO, ORIOLO, BRACCIANO take this road
This is the VIA BRACCIANESE go through the various small towns until you come to VEJANO
Continue through and out of the town at approx 1km is Villa d'Este on your LEFT hand side.

Follow the sign for ROMA on the highway from Fiumicino Airport
After a few minutes you will see the sign A12 for CIVITAVECCHIA, take this road
There is a small toll fee appox 2 euro
After 20 km come off at CERVETERI-LADISPOLI
At the crossroads take a LEFT turn towards the town of CERVETERI
At the 1ST traffic light-take the road to the RIGHT
Continue towards BRACCIANO without entering into Cerveteri (this road is Via Settevene Palo)
After 10-15 minutes you will come to the crossroads with the VIA BRACCIANESE, at this traffic light turn LEFT towards MANZIANA
Keep on the Via Braccianese and go towards ORIOLO, no need to go through Manziana town
Go through ORIOLO still on the Via Braccianese  after 4 km on your RIGHT is
Villa d'Este
Journey time approx 50 mins

Take the VIA CASSIA from the G.R.A. Grande Raccordo Annulare
After a few kilometres take the sign for CESANO
On arrival at CESANO the road divides take a LEFT turn, follow the sign for BRACCIANO until the crossroad with the VIA BRACCANESE, take a RIGHT turn on to the Via Braccanese and drive for 20 km
On arrival at the crossroads -traffic lights- indication for Cerveteri to the left and Bracciano right, keep going STRAIGHT for MANZIANA, ORIOLO and after Oriolo still on the Via Braccanese at approx 4 km the Villa d'Este is on the RIGHT HAND SIDE